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Odors in the home or workplace in many cases can be solved by just cleaning the carpets or finding the source of the odor and getting rid of it. Most of the time, removing the item that caused the odor isn’t enough.


What is an Ozone Generator?

Ozone operates according the principle of oxidation. When the static loaded ozone molecule (O3) contacts with something “oxidation able”, the charge of the ozone molecule will directly flow over. This is because ozone is very unstable and likes to turn back in its original form (O2). Ozone can oxidize with all kinds of materials, but also odor and microorganisms like viruses, molds and bacteria. The extra oxygen atom releases from the ozone molecule and binds with the other material. Eventually remains only the pure and stable oxygen molecule.

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidation agents available for use to oxidize solutes. The extra added oxygen atom will bind in a split second to every component that may come in contact with ozone.

Odor counteractants and cleaning agents are highly effective as well. Normally these products are used for restoration purposes. They are used mostly on nonporous materials. For example: In a fire loss, all nonporous, smoke damaged contents can be cleaned by using this method. All affected contents are dipped, soaked or wiped off with the odor counteractant and then rinsed off with water. Then each item is wiped off and dried.

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